Sunday, 22 May 2016

Launching -> Fosfor Fast Track & Order Tracking

Thanks to all the pen fans around the world, there has been an overwhelming response so far. This has kept me busy not only in the pen making activity, but also in responding to messages across various online channels, including emails. Many of you are curious about when your pen will be ready. This ends up creating more work for me to respond to those messages and takes time away from the pen making activity. So, in order to help achieve best results, I am launching two programs: 1) Online Order Update and 2) Fosfor Fast Track.

1) Online Order Update

This is a log of all the confirmed orders I have received so far. I will be updating this log on a weekly basis. This order log will be available online. Only a brief description of the pen will be provided in this log. An estimated start will be indicated. It will also indicate the order that I am currently working on. Most of you will be able to locate your order in this log. However, I will start communicating individual order numbers soon.

2) Fosfor Fast Track

As evident from the order list, the wait time for some you may be beyond what you'd expected. Hence, I am launching a new program called "Fosfor Fast Track". This will essentially allow you to get your pen made quicker. A detailed description of how this program works is provided on the new ordering page. Those who are interested in participating in this program, please email me and I will take care of you.

I am hoping that this will help streamline the communication and make it easy for you to follow-up on your orders.

Here is a link to both the programs:

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