Friday, 22 July 2016

Important Update: New Presentation Boxes and Packaging

All Fosfor pens so far have been offered with a presentation box. The latest boxes were made from MDF material which was laser cut. It was an innovative approach, but had it's own pitfalls: 1) the boxes were fragile and were getting damaged in transit and 2) making them was a time consuming process.

To address the above, I have now switched to professional boxes. This is what the new presentation box looks like:

These are single pen boxes with lacquered exterior and velvet interior. They are strong enough to protect the pen inside. They have a magnetic lock so that the box doesn't open inadvertently. Every box is engraved with the fosfor logo.

Apart from this, I have also added the option of telescopic packaging. This is a cost-effective approach aimed at providing the best value in situations where a presentation box is not required.

Here is how these options are going to work:

  1. All pens going forward will be shipped with Telescopic packaging.
  2. Worldwide shipping will be reduced to $9 for Telescopic packaging. Those who may have made the purchase online will get a refund once your order is processed.
  3. The presentation box will be offered at an additional price of $6.99.
  4. Worldwide shipping will continued to be offered at $12 with the Presentation box.