Sunday, 13 January 2019


Presenting the IRIS: a completely hand-made pen in a Uni-body design.

Over the past few months, I have been working on a new concept inspired by the innovative pen design of Stipula's Da Vinci and the Lamy Dialog 3. These are truly engineering marvels and I wanted to attempt a creation that, if not as elegant as these two, at least comes somewhat close.  After tinkering for months, I finally have succeeded in creating a functional pen that carries most of the design elements of a Uni-body pen.

The pen does not have a separate cap. The top of the pen has an Iris aperture blade which acts as a hatch. This iris has to be operated manually using the turning knob. The nib is then extended out of the body of the pen by simply turning the end knob at the bottom of the pen's body. It takes about three turns to fully extend the nib.

Filling the pen involves removing the top section and then removing the nib holder inside. Once the nib holder is removed, the pen can be filled using its converter. The use of separate nib holder also allows the pen to be fitted with either a standard cartridge or a converter.

The IRIS can be fitted with any size 5 nib, such as Jowo, Schmidt 340 or Bock 180 nib units.

Since the pen uses an iris for closing the top of the body, there is a small opening that remains after the iris is closed. This may result in the drying up of ink. To address this issue, I have added a magnetic thimble which seal the opening and fits precisely on top of the iris. The iris blades and the housing are both ferromagnetic, so that they hold the thimble securely in place.

When the thimble is removed, it can be placed at the back of the pen where another magnet holds it in place.

The clip is made of solid Sterling silver and so is the center band. To enable flexibility of the clip, a micro-slit is cut at the bottom of the clip:

Here are the technical specifications:

Length (closed): 131 mm
Length (with nib extended): 148 mm (this will also depend on the size of the nib)
Section Width: 13.8 mm
Overall Girth: 18 mm


  1. It's an engineering marbem in the writing instruments

  2. It's an engineering marbem in the writing instruments

  3. PL read an engineering marvel